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Some of the national and international projects that are run at our school are as follows:
Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program: This is a project sponsored by the American Embassy in Ankara. Within this project our students found a virtual firm and one of these firms is qualified to be in the Innovation Fair. Some of the products developed by the students in the fair aim to raise innovative young people, support creativity, emphasize innovation and establish sustainable economies.
PASCH: Pasch aims to improve students’ German language and cultural knowledge. Up to now, within the framework of this project, two of our teachers attended service training and three of our students attended a language school in Germany.
COMENIUS: The general aim of the Comenius projects, financially supported by the Republic of Turkey State Planning Organization’s European Union Education and Youth Programmes Center, is to promote coordination among all the schools in Europe. It also proposes to increase the quality in schools emphasizing European dimensions, and to contribute to dialogues among cultures through language learning. Many of the project proposals made by TED Ankara College Foundation Kindergarten, Middle and High School in the field of art, education, science, language, environment and cultural heritage have been accepted and the necessary funds have been provided.