Quality Policy

TED Ankara College Foundation Schools, founded in 1931 upon the request and guidance of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has been serving within the regulations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Turkey with the understanding of the need for continuous improvement, acquired school experiences enriched by scientific and technological innovations that are reflected in the medium of education, and the fostering of enlightened generations who internalize the principles and revolutions of Atatürk. Within this framework, TED is guided by the following principles:
• To take the needs of each learner into consideration to develop intellectually, emotionally,
physically, and socially as a whole individual embodying historical, national, and international awareness;
• To offer opportunities where both national and international programs are available, with strong emphasis on foreign languages;
• To reinforce its education with various sports, arts and social facilities;
• To work with qualified, experienced, and dynamic staff open to innovations;
• To feature effective communication among its teachers, students, parents, staff and alumni; and thus to provide a secure teaching environment for all where everyone feels contented;
• To preserve its ethos by passing on the tradition of “Ankara College Identity.”