Sports and Arts

Sports and Arts
Within its natural setting, our campus’ high quality, fully outfitted gymnasiums and outdoor fields serve to help us meet the goal of bringing up healthy individuals who are not only academically successful but also physically, mentally and emotionally competent. These facilities give students a fuller taste of school life. To facilitate our daily sports program, we have a multi-purpose 70 x 100 meter football (soccer) field (with Astroturf) and a Tartan running track used for both sporting and social events. Each school unit also has its own gymnasium, basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, handball courts, outside smaller fields for soccer and areas for playing badminton and table tennis, billiards and chess.
Apart from this, a Sports and Arts Center, which is a complex constructed on a 16.300 m2 independent indoor space, is large enough for three teams to train at the same time. It includes two sports halls with stadium seating, two indoor and outdoor halfolympic pools, a sauna and a fitness center.
Each student at our school enjoys art lessons in our art studios equipped with the latest and highest quality art materials. Our school sees the arts as a unique and important vehicle for developing student creativity. It is the goal of the school to awaken in students an artistic and aesthetic sense that will help them become selfassured and aware of their own individuality and abilities. Participation in the arts, from painting to sculpture, pottery to “ebru” (marbling), enables students to raise awareness about the significance of arts in individuals’ lives as a complementary constituent. Our art studios in each school building are equipped with the most up-todate kiln for pottery work.
Music lessons with piano, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments are offered in our schools’ music studios. These lessons are complemented by the use of computers and projectors and supported by our rich collection of sheet music CDs and DVDs. In the primary school section our school’s aim is to teach students how to use their voices correctly and develop comparative thinking skills through exposure to both Turkish and international music styles. Towards this end, students are given basic instruction in rhythm and individual instruments as well as coordinated class performances. We try to expand the music culture of high school students by developing their level of
aesthetic appreciation and encouraging students with special abilities in particular instruments.
At the beginning of each year, students are chosen to participate in the choir, wind orchestra, string orchestra, or other music groups according to their personal wishes or by the nomination of their teachers. Students then perform in various concerts throughout the year.
Our students are also able to use arts and sports workrooms when they start middle school. Students regularly use our sports and arts center where we have 8 workrooms including music, pottery, painting, technology and design, photography, drama, dance and gymnastic classrooms.